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March 24th, 2024

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General rules merchandise

At the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling it is only permitted to exhibit and/or sell militaria and military antiques according Dutch legislation. For instance exhibitors may offer for sale: army vehicles, vehicle parts, military (repro) uniforms, equipment, utensils, helmets, insignia, patches, medals, tools for the restauration of army vehicles, vintage (repro) civilian clothing of the period 1940-1945, historical books and DVDs and other WW2 related items.

No antiques and secondhand items, which are not related to WW2, may be offered for sale.

Attention: It is strictly forbidden to offer for sale at the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling weapons, replica weapons, parts of weapons, bladed weapons and ammunition.

Furthermore, it is forbidden according to Dutch legislation to exhibit or to offer for sale any item, that could lead to racial policy or xenophobia, e.g. Nazi-memorabilia.

Registration as exhibitor

Exhibitors can register and book one or more locations up to one (1) week before the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling at the website

Participation in the Militaria Fair is only definite after receipt of the registration form and after receipt of the payment due at Rabobank, IBAN NL02RABO0351323155 (BIC RABONL2U) in the name of Keep Them Rolling quoting your (company) name and KTR Fair plus the date of the Militaria Fair.

The Committee of the Militaria Fair allocates the locations of exhibitors according to availability, taking into account as much as possible the wishes of the exhibitor.

The Committee of the Militaria Fair reserves the right to refuse wholly or partly a booking of an exhibitor without statement or motive.

Attention: any commercial activity outside the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling and/or the exposition hall is prohibited.

All exhibitors are required to be insured for civil liability during the Militaria Fair.

Admission tickets

An exhibitor with one booth receives two wristbands, one for you and one for your co-worker. For every next booth you receive an extra wristband, with a maximum of five wristbands in total. Additional employees are considered visitors and need to buy an entrance ticket.

The use of the restrooms is free.

Set-up of booth

Every booth or groundlocation in the hall carries a unique number, that refers to the allocated booth numbers. Please be sure to set up your booth at the number(s) that is (are) allocated to you as exhibitor. We urge you not to extend your booth outside the boundaries of your location.

Trucks and/or trailers as point of sale can only be positioned in the exposition hall between 08.00 and 12.00 at the preparation day of the Militaria Fair.

Other exhibitors can transport their merchandise to their booth with their car at this preparation day from 14.00 till tot 16:00 (cars inside only allowed at preparation day!).

The preparation day will be communicated in time at the website

On the day of the Militaria Fair the cargodoors of the hall are open for exhibitors from 07:00 till 09:00 to transport merchandise to their booth. We require that all booths are ready at 09.00. The cargodoors will close at 09.00.

Attention: On the day of the Militaria Fair no motorized cars are allowed inside the hall.

So bring a hand trolley to transport your merchandise.

It is prohibited for exhibitors to affix any items to the walls, floors or ceilings of the exposition hall without the organization’s written permission. Any damage or cost of removal will be charged to the exhibitor.

Parking exhibitors

Cars, trucks and trailers of exhibitors are to be parked at the back of the exposition hall. Please follow the instructions of the organisation (recognizable by yellow slipovers).

Overnight stay

Attention: It is prohibited to spend the night in your car or truck at the Parking of the exposition hall Gorinchem.


Dismantling of booth

As the Militaria Fair is open for visitors from 09.00 till 15.00, we urge you to pack your merchandise and dismantle your booth after 15.00.

We trust that all exhibitors after the fair will leave all items that are owned/hired by the organization and/or the exposition hall. Missing material will be charged against purchase price to the exhibitor.

On the day of the Militaria Fair all exhibitors must have left the exposition hall at 18.00.



All exhibitors are required to leave their booth clean and tidy at the end of the Militaria Fair.

As organizaton we expect exhibitors to take all trash and debris before leaving the exposition hall.

Should an exhibitor leave bulky waste, we will have to charge the exhibitor € 10.00 per kilo.



Smoking is prohibited everywhere inside the building of the exposition hall Gorinchem.

A special smoking area is available in the courtyard of the exposition hall.



Attention: No pets or other domestical animals are allowed at the Militaria Fair nor in the buildings of the exposition hall Gorinchem.

Violation of regulations

All exhibitors and their co-workers should abide by the above stated regulations.

In case of an unforeseen situation, all persons are to obey the instructions of the organization (recognizable by yellow slipovers), personnel of the exposition hall and legal authorities (police, fire brigade). In case of a dispute, the exhibitor will accept the final decision of the organization.

Not abiding by these regulations could lead to immediate removal from the Militaria Fair and/or premises of the exposition hall Gorinchem, without the right to any indemnification. In case of a difference, the rules in Dutch apply.

In case of violation of Dutch legislation concerning (replica) weapons and ammunition and/or exhibiting items, that could lead to racial policy or xenophobia, e.g. Nazi-memorabilia, the organization is obliged to inform the police.


In the case that the organization is forced to cancel the Militaria Fair, due to circumstances beyond the organization’s control, exhibitors are not entitled to claim any compensation. 

The Committee Militaria Fair and the board of the Dutch association Keep Them Rolling cannot be held responsible for theft, loss of or damage to the booths or its contents, for accidents or any personal injury sustained during the Militaria Fair of Keep Them Rolling.

Any damage caused by an exhibitor or his co-worker(s) shall be repaired at its expense.




Regulations Militaria Fair Keep Them Rolling - version 1.4 - 05 november 2014